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Salty Dog Marine offers a wide range of dock configurations, from the smallest of crabbing docks to the largest permitted structures.

Our docks are constructed with marine grade pilings and marine treated lumber and all decking is secured with stainless steel fasteners. We have the capability to drive both wooden and concrete piles and custom framing and decking are available. We take pride in our finished product and strive to create a minimal environmental impact during our construction. An important consideration in building your dock is choosing the best configuration to meet your needs while working within the permitting guidelines. Working closely with engineers, surveyors and local permitting offices of SCDHEC OCRM and the Army Corps of Engineers, we will design your dock and guide you through the options beyond the basic dock.

Over time, your dock may age and begin to show signs of deterioration. We can assist in inspecting and restoring your dock to preserve your investment and safeguard the structural integrity.


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Erosion Control Devices

The loss of high ground in the Low Country can be costly and detrimental to the environment, and the loss of an asset.

Bulkheads and retaining walls are some of the methods used in a variety of situations. If conditions won't allow a wall, we offer revetments using backfill, stabilization 
cloth, and granite man-size rip/rap. We have completed numerous projects in the tri-county area and would be happy to meet with you to determine the best treatment.

​Serving North East Florida

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